The Brighton Baths Health Club has always been a bit of an enigma when you try to articulate what makes us different than your standard “gym or health club.” It is so much more, and one of the better explanations of late has been been that of a “Life Club.” We are about community, values and connection as much as about exercise, fun in the sun and family time. To expand a little; most of what we do in our daily lives is largely to put ourselves in a state of flow, happiness and balance; and we all do it in different ways. Some people will run five kilometers, while others practice yoga, go for a swim, or have a personal training session and so on. As such, the diversity that is so present at the Baths is also what binds us and we recognize and respect that in each other - that is what makes our community so special.  

The newsletter is filled with some great content. This Sunday we are partnering with Lululemon Brighton to provide a Yoga and guided Meditation session on the beach with our lovely yoga instructor Kat, starting at 9.20 am; no bookings required. 

This Friday we have one of our long time members Paul Hoffman swimming the “Baths 2 Baths” swim – 60kms SOLO across the Bay, from the Geelong Sea Baths to the Brighton Baths.  This swim starts this Friday evening at 8 pm in Geelong and will finish around 8 pm this Saturday evening.  This is without a shark cage and solo. Paul is supporting the charities of Will Murray “Where there’s a Will” and the East Timor Hearts Fund.  We would love anyone who is free Saturday night to welcome Paul on his arrival, as the swim will finish on the beach inside the Baths, anticipated between 6 pm and 8 pm.  We will be posting updates of his progress on social media throughout the day and the doors to the club will be open until he arrives. It would be great to have as many people as possible on the boardwalk to greet and cheer him on.

I always encourage members try something new; a kayak, a different class, or simply a sleep under the umbrella on a sunny day. Whatever you choose, our wonderful staff are always ensuring you enjoy your time at the Brighton Baths. 

Kind Regards,

Matthew Paynter

Director Brighton Baths Health Club


Paul Hoffman will be tackling the 60KM open water swim from the Eastern Beach Sea Baths in Geelong to Middle Brighton Sea Baths in Brighton - that's 25 hrs and the equivalent of two English Channels!!! (WOW!)

Paul's heart is as big as his determination. He is raising awareness and funds to support the East Timor Heart Foundation and Will Murray. Paul says, “I’m lucky enough to have great health, and I’m happy there is something I can do to give others a second chance at a healthy life as well.”

Paul we are so happy to call you a part of the Brighton Baths Family! 

Follow Paul live between 8pm the Friday and 8PM this Saturday on the live tracker link:

Michael Hennessy

One of the longest-standing members of the 'Icebergers' -  going back to the days of Frank Curtain and cold showers in the old Baths changing rooms.
Michael was deeply loved all, interested in all and a very likeable personality.

For years he was a daily participant with a group of walkers at the baths, topped off with a swim and steam.
He had a beach box at Dendy beach, which was regularly utilised by family and friends.
Michael had a wide group of friends in Brighton and used to attend the Half Moon on a Thursday and visit the Baths with a number of them.
Michael will be sadly missed, but well remembered.

R.I.P Michael
How many members amongst us like to ride?
Come along on Sunday the 26th of March to enjoy a beautiful coastal ride
along the Peninsula Wine Region - Please RSVP at reception by 13th of March 2017.

Michael Trevaskis - Physiologist
Personal Coaching is an excellent way to stay motivated and ensuring you achieve your goals. Michael is our resident physiologist here at the Brighton Baths Health Club, click the link to see Michael in action detailing how his methods will assist you in improving your health and wellbeing.

Fast Five With Our Member of the Month - JESSIECA PENN !
(Pictured below with our Personal Coach - Aline)

1. How long have you been a member at the Baths?

 I became a part of the Brighton Baths Health Club 7 months ago and have since been a proud, active member of the club. 

2. What is your favourite form of exercise here at the Baths? 

I love circuit training. I find it's a great way of adding variety to my training and an effective method when I am pressed for time. 

3. You are training to be a Personal Trainer – How has Aline been of help to you as a mentor?

Aline is an incredible trainer whom I have been privileged to have as my own trainer but also as mentor throughout my Personal Training course. She has passed on to me a wealth of knowledge but more importantly she has given me the confidence to put my theory into practice. 

4. What’s the biggest change that you have noticed to your own personal fitness & well-being during your time with us?

I have always lived an active life and love exercising so personally I feel the biggest change has not been of the physical kind but more so of a holistic change. I simply feel so comfortable at The Baths and love going there. 

5. What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about your experience at the Baths? 


Jess is currently undergoing studies in Personal Training under the mentorship and guidance of Aline one of our fantastic Personal Coaches here at the Brighton Baths. Personal Training is a fantastic way to achieve results and correct any postural imbalances that you may have.

One of our good friends from the RBYC Icebergers Don Warner, needs your help on a book project. Don’s name will be familiar to a number of you as he is the quiz master for the RBYC trivia night each year. If you are a winter swimmer and would like to contribute, Don would love to hear from you to share and publish your story!
If you have not yet tried our Pilates and Circuit Classes here at the Brighton Baths Health Club then you have got to come along and experience group exercise in this truly unique setting! 
If you are a Full member it is included in your membership and complimentary to attend. If you are an Off-Peak, Steam & Swim member or would like to come casually it's just $25 per class.
Remember we have Class 10 packs option also which are very popular and great value!

Looking for somewhere to host your kid's birthday party? The Brighton Baths is the ideal location - our beautiful beach & enclosed Sea Baths combined with Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards and a variety of activities make for a truly memorable & safe experience.
We can tailor a package to suit your needs and even provide drinks vouchers.

Don't hesitate to call us on (03) 9592 7350 for a personalised party quote.

We were very happy to sponsor the 'We can Walk it Out' event at the Botanic Gardens last Sunday. Pictured here is a couple of our beautiful staff Ash and Katie with one of our great members Duncan McPherson. The event was all about raising awareness for the Woman's Cancer Foundation and funds for research into Ovarian Cancer. It was a great day out and we were happy to donate a variety of prizes for the participants.
For just $2 per week you can upgrade to our 'Open All Hours' membership! This is applicable to Full members and allows you to enjoy our Indoor Gymnasium & changing facilities around the clock. You can add / remove this feature any time. Click the link below for more details or simply call the number below to get started.
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