Hear from some of the Icebergers ...


A Proud Tradition

The Famous Brighton Sea Baths Icebergers.

The Brighton Baths has been the home of winter swimming in Melbourne since its establishment in 1881, and is the base of the Brighton Sea Baths Icebergers, a diverse and passionate community of dedicated swimmers.

Collectively, the Brighton Sea Baths Icebergers share a love for open water swimming and enjoy the numerous health benefits this practice brings. The Icebergers are a diverse group, without a constitution or rules; but are brought together by a common passion for having a regular swim, all year round, in all conditions and preferably without a wetsuit.

Cold water swimming can be a real tonic for people when they discover the benefits it holds. To the uninitiated it may seem like an extreme activity but once you have discovered for yourself the exhilaration, you will never look back! There are Iceberger clubs and movements all around the world, and the benefits are now undisputed.

Experience Cold Water Swimming for Yourself.

All Welcome:

Newcomers are always welcome - you do not have to be a fast swimmer as the Icebergers are about participation and enjoyment, not competition.

Icebergers swim at the following times:
Tuesday's and Thursday's at 4:00pm
Saturday's at 8:00am 
All swimmers meet in reception beforehand to talk about the swim route, water temperature and health & safety for new swimmers. A casual steam and swim is only $20.00, join the Icebergers today, no excuses!

To find out how you can get involved, please contact us.

The Benefits of Cold Water Swimming:

Natural sea water swimming provides people with a sense of adventure, a feeling of accomplishment, an innumerable health benefits. The open water is never the same from one day to the next, and overcoming the elements is a big part of the challenge. Through this activity you will meet some interesting people, learn more about your own self-imposed boundaries, and improve both your mental and physical wellbeing.

How Far Should I Swim?

You can swim as far as you want to. At first you may start with just a lap of the Baths and slowly increase this distance as you feel comfortable.

How Often Should I Swim?

The more regularly you swim, the better your body will acclimatise and the more you will enjoy it. At least twice a week is ideal, although many of our Icebergers can't do without their daily swim!

Can I Swim With A Wetsuit?

Although you can wear a wetsuit,  you are encouraged not to. Part of the experience is acclimatising to the temperature and getting the physiological and psychological benefits that come with the process. Embracing the cold is just part of the experience.

Is It Safe?

We do not encourage anyone to simply hop into cold water for an extended period of time without gradually building up your tolerance to it. It may be that initally you only swim for a few minutes.

Open water swimming is safe provided you are initially in good general health, learn your limitations, swim with other people, and warm up properly afterwards. After each swim you will enjoy using our very warm, eucalyptus infused steam room to restore your body's warmth. We also recommend wearing a neoprene wetsuit cap.

Further Information.

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