Brighton Baths in the News

The Brighton Baths have been an iconic part of the Melbourne landscape since establishment in 1881, and have played a central role within the local community for over 130 years. The Baths have witnessed many remarkable events throughout its long history, and have been a second home to some of the country's most influential people. This is only a small snapshot of the newsworthy history of the Brighton Baths.


The Baths:

The icy addiction of winter swimming (ABC News, 22nd July, 2015)

"Brighton Baths Health Club"(Time Out, 10th March 2015)

Beach guide: Victoria’s best beaches to enjoy this summer (Herald Sun, January 6th 2015)

"A Ripper Swim!" (The Melbourne Magazine 19th January 2012)

"Welcome to a New Way of Defining Our Wellbeing" (SMH 8th December 2011)

"Irony in World Record Attempt" (Melbourne Weekly 20th February 2010)

"No Winter of Discontent for Icebergers Lured to Sea" (Sunday Age 11th July 2010)

"Brighton Icebergers - Pardon Our Budgies" (Bayside Leader 6th October 2009)

"Icebergers Taking The Heat of Competition" (The Age 11th December 2005)

The People:

John van Wisse         

Watch John Van Wisse - "Crossing the Line" - A video of John, Crossing the Finish Line of the Enduroman Arch to Arc in 2014.

John van Wisse’s record Arch to Arc ultra-triathlon captured on film by Brighton director David Brooks (The Leader, 10th June 2015)

John van Wisse ultra-triathlon record-breaker, returns home to hero's welcome in Melbourne (5th September, 2014)                                                                                                                          

"John van Wisse finishes second in 48km Manhattan Island Swim" (Herald Sun 19th June 2011)

"First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take The Swim - Aussie Triumph" (SMH 7th July 2008)

"First, He'll Take Manhattan" (The Age 7th July 2008)

"Marathon Man John van Wisse Conquers Manhattan Island" (Herald Sun 6th July 2008)


Dan Canta 

Brighton Iceberger declares bid to become youngest Aussie male English Channel swimmer (Bayside Leader, 10th February 2015)

Dan's English Channel Crossing for Connor (Click on the link to donate to RCD fund)

Young Aussie set to swim English Channel (Yahoo TV segment following Dan's journey, 

RCD Fund - Dan's Swim for Connor 


Campbell Brown - AFL Footballer

Mission abandoned: Campbell Brown pulled out of English Channel (Herald Sun, July 12th 2015)

Campbell Brown channelling a dream (Sydney Morning Herald, July 10th 2015)

Campbell Brown training to swim across English Channel in July (Herald Sun, February 20th 2015)


Chloe McCardel

"2012 Opens With A Win and A New Direction" (Chloe McCardel Blog February 2012)

"This Sporting Life: Chloe McCardel" (Sydney Morning Herald 21st August 2011)


Grant Siedle

"Why The Channel" (Spirited Away 22nd February 2011)

"Sport, Long Distance Swimming, And the Contest for Broadcast Rights" (ABC Radio 17th February 2012)


Danny Brereton

"To Win Means Taking A Few Steps for Danny Brereton" (Herald Sun 13th August 2011)


Charles Lyne

"Icebergers - People Profile" (Bayside Leader 14th October 2010)


John Locco

"Pillars of the Community" (Melbourne Weekly 6th September 2010)


Glenn Robbins

"Glenn Robbins: Time to Sink or Swim" (Melbourne Weekly 13th September 2010)


Harry Raisbeck

"After 45 Years, Harry's Ice Age Runs Its Course" (The Age 16th March 2010)

"Fond Stories Shared" (Bayside Leader 16th March 2010)