A Holistic Approach

Our exceptional personal health practitioners will guide, encourage and support you on your individual journey towards health and wellbeing.

At the Brighton Baths Health Club our team of highly skilled health practitioners work closely together to provide you with a truly personalized and integrated approach to your health and wellbeing. 

We offer a broad range of private services including personal training, nutrition, massage, rehabilitation, corrective exercise, and sports-specific training. Any of these services can be booked as individual sessions, or combined with any other services in one of our unique health packages.

Our team are highly qualified, industry leading professionals who each bring a unique perspective to their craft. Browse our practitioner profiles to find out more about the background and philosophy of each of our team, and consult us directly if we can assist you in finding a practitioner best suited to your needs.

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Ash Bedford


Ash Bedford

Senior Coach | Mindful Exercise

Ash encourages a balanced approach to exercise and one that includes listening to your body and being intuitive. The focus is longevity. Ash’s approach includes learning about the benefits of proper breathing mechanics, good alignment/posture, midline strength (core), and improved flexibility/mobility. It is never too late to start taking care of your body and improving the way that you look, feel and move on a daily basis. Ash’s strong knowledge of anatomy will help you develop a clear understanding of your body (in simple terms) and teach you how to manage it yourself intuitively and with ease.


  • Cert III and IV Fitness
  • Qualified Yoga Teacher
  • Level 1 – Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)
  • Cert IV Allied Health

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Michael Trevaskis


Exercise Physiologist / Health & Fitness Coach

"I have a strong passion in helping people achieve their goals and personal outcomes through education and evidence based treatment"

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Holly Brown


Health & Fitness Coach

"My mission as a health and fitness coach is to motivate, educate and inspire every person I work with"

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Mandee Everitt

2016 05 26 15.04.40

Pilates Instructor

"i just love the way the body moves, its potential to impress".

"i em endorse the balance between strength and flexibility our bodies need"


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Matthew Paynter


Director / Health & Fitness Trainer / Lifestyle Coach

"More than fitness, it’s a way of living that embraces lifestyle and wellbeing. Uniquely connected to nature and encapsulating the vision of true health, our skilled, friendly staff will guide you on your journey to enhancing the quality of your life."

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Sasha Stewart

Sacha Stewart

Meditation/Relaxation Instructor

"As your Instructor, i aim to empower you to take the calm, mindfulness you gain from the mat into your everyday life."


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Simon Murray

simon image2

Tai Chi Instructor

"Good health isn’t just about fitness, and it’s my goal to teach you exercises that will help you to understand your body better, to give you the tools to exert control over your own health, and improve your functioning in everyday life"