Specialised Care

The Brighton Baths Health Club is the perfect location to complete your rehabilitation and corrective exercise program under the guidance of our specialist trainers.

Our team of highly qualified professionals provide corrective exercise training with a specialised focus on rehabilitation and injury management. These private sessions are designed to correct muscle imbalances within the body, provide training for injury prevention and management, and cater for pre and post surgery rehabilitaton.

Our specialist trainers are able to work in association with other qualified health professionals including physiologists, chiropractors physiotherapists and osteopaths to deliver comprehensive and thoroughly co-ordinated health and wellness plans for each client.

Client Testimonials:

Our trainers have had extensive experience rehabilitating clients experiencing a range of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases; including clients with spinal disc bulges, sciatica, spondylotheisis, rotator cuff injuries, hip and knee joint injuries with excellent results.

We are pleased to provide personal testimonials from some of our rehabilitation and corrective exercise clients:

For many years I have belonged to gyms and worked with some excellent trainers, but the trainers at Brighton Baths Health Club worked with me in a very different way to what I have done in the past. This training - using mind and body together - has strengthened me, made me more flexible and improved my day to day activities. I also enjoy using the gym. It is well run, well maintained and friendly, and has all the equipment I need. I am happy to recommend this gym and these trainers to anybody who wants to improve their fitness and wellbeing." 

-  Peter Chiodo


"I have been training once a week to try to recover some fitness, and for rehabilitation of a shoulder injury. My movement has dramatically improved since I began training at Brighton Baths Health Club , and I am lifting my fitness as I go. In fact I am now able to swim one kilometre in the pool, which is a terrific boost after being unable to swim more than 200 metres without significant pain. I look forward to my next sessions, and for a person who was always intimidated by a gym this is a big change".

- Joanne Harpur