Swim Coaching

Do you want to take your fitness and strength to the next level? 

Swimming is a very special aspects of training at The Baths and both are incredible ways to build strength, endurance and different types of fitness. If you are interested in changing up your training routine and are looking for a new challenge to try, then this is for you. 

Swim Coaching

With use of our iconic Sea Baths, we love helping people find new ways of improving their lifestyle, finding new challenges, and moving their bodies intuitively. This is why we are so proud to offer personalised swimming lessons with our Mike Gregory.  Our club has seen many swimmers pass through its walls and water – from beginners to world champions – and it is an aspect of wellbeing that holds a sacred place at The Baths. Open water swimming is a  challenging, rewarding, non-impact form of movement that is also a fun way to build endurance, strength and stamina under the guidance of a professional.  Contact us if you would like to enquire or make a booking today.

  • Endurance
  • Open Water Confidence
  • Stroke Correction
  • Non-impact
  • Guided

Open Water Swim lessons

Private swim lessons and the Swimming Efficiently class with Mike Gregory. Become more confident in the water and in your swimming style with individual, buddy sessions & small group sessions. Mike's experience is extensive, and has a passion for coaching regardless of ability. He has coached and witnessed the success of kids, beginners and multiple-time English Channel swimmers. His expertise and knowledge is not limited to professionals, and he welcomes everyone with his professionalism and genuine love for bringing the best out in each swimmer he works with.

Mike has a way with people, and is so passionate about helping to bring the best out of his clients, friends and fellow swimmers. He offers group squad training at our club as well as one-on-one individual sessions to work with you on your swimming and open-water goals.