Alec Loschiavo

Front of House

Alec has always lived only a short trip from the Brighton Baths Health Club and visited many times when he was younger, so it was only natural that he found himself drawn back here. He has recently completed his year 12 schooling at St Leonard’s College where he had the privilege of being elected school captain. He is now going to begin a double degree of engineering and commerce at Monash University, and is excited as to where this may take him.

Alec has always enjoyed living an active lifestyle, playing AFL and soccer throughout his childhood. In recent years he has transitioned to training for strength and conditioning at gym whenever he finds a free moment and has enjoyed every minute of it.

In addition to exercise, his hobbies also include movie watching and travelling; two things which he says he plans to do more in the future! Alec is always up for meeting new people and loves catching up with friends on his days off.