Chloe Komesarook

Duty Manager

Originally from Washington DC, Chloe has been traveling back and forth between America and Australia since she was two. In high school, she developed a keen interest in English, literature, and film studies. She moved to Melbourne in January for university and has begun studying Communications at RMIT with a focus in Creative Writing. Her love of learning and her commitment to her craft have really helped her transition from high school to the fast-paced life of uni.

Chloe and her family have been coming to the baths for almost 10 years and have loved it since the beginning. Chloe values a healthy lifestyle and she constantly works towards her own fitness goals. She believes that the Baths is the ideal place for both her body and mind. In addition to training, Chloe enjoys running, cycling, tennis, and volleyball. In the US, Chloe played on a volleyball club team for three years.

When she isn’t working or studying, Chloe enjoys spending time with her brother Sam, going to art museums, hanging with friends, and watching old movies.