Josh Third

Front of house

Growing up around the pool and the beach Josh has always felt most comfortable near water. Competing in swimming competitions from a young age taught Josh a lot about discipline with plenty of early mornings and training requirements.

Josh is currently studying at Swinburne completing his second year of a Graphic Design course, as he has a passion for creativity and design. He enjoys helping his friends with the creation of designs for their events and businesses.

Josh’s passions include, cooking, reading and sports. He loves experimenting with new flavours and cuisines in the kitchen and cooking for friends and family. He loves finding new books to engross him and reluctantly following his favourite football team Essendon.

Having spent so much time around the water and living near the Brighton bay area all his life Josh has an incredible amount of respect for such a storied and historic establishment, and feels incredibly proud to call the Brighton Baths Health Club his place of work.