Matthew Paynter


Nearly fourteen years ago, his vision was to transform the Brighton Baths from a “gym and old boys club,” into an all-inclusive “life club,” where men, women, and child seamlessly blend together to celebrate community, values and connection, as much as exercise, fun in the sun and family time.

Having studied under some of the world’s leading revolutionaries in the personal development field, including Mr. Tony Robbins and Mr. Bob Proctor, Matthew draws his inspiration from a holistic and energetic approach to well-being. “Most of what we do in our daily lives is largely to put ourselves in a state of flow, happiness and balance; and we all do it in different ways. Some people will run five kilometers, while others practice yoga, go for a swim, or have a personal training session and so on. As such, the diversity that is so present at the Brighton Baths is also what binds us and we recognize and respect that in each other – that is what makes our community so special.”

Matthew holds certificates III and IV in Fitness and Personal Training and is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Additional certificates include Anthony Robbin’s “Unleash the Power Within” and “Date with Destiny,” Landmark Forum Course and Confident Living for Older Victorians.