Sarah Fink

Front of House

Sarah studied at the King David School for her entire school life. She recently completed a Bachelor of Sciences at Monash University, with a particular interest in physiology, and is now looking to pursue this area in her postgraduate studies.

Sarah enjoys playing netball and her favourite position is center. Getting together with her friends and uniting on the court as a team is often the highlight of her week, regardless of the score at the end of the game.

She also is passionate about the outdoors and hiking. One of her favourite hikes she has done in Victoria is around Wilson’s Prom, but has also been fortunate enough to travel abroad and complete the Milford sound track in New Zealand, as well as the trek to Poon Hill in Nepal.

A holistic approach to health is something that resonates well with Sarah. While she engages in regular physical activity and enjoys healthy eating, she equally sees the benefits of relaxation and self-care in maintaining her general wellbeing. The fact that Brighton Baths values wellness and not just fitness makes the club a highly compatible environment for Sarah to work in, as it is reflective of her own way of living.