Steph Blenkinsop

Duty Manager

Steph has grown up in Melbourne her whole life. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at Monash University, which she is thoroughly enjoying. She has plans in the future to complete her Masters of Nursing Practice degree and work as a surgical or cardiac nurse.

Steph is very passionate about travel, and has been fortunate enough to travel to many countries around the world including England, Italy and Hong Kong, at such a young age. Foreign cultures, food and museums are the main areas that fuel her love for travel.

Steph loves to workout and stay as active as she can. She is regularly going to the gym, taking yoga classes and visiting her boxing gym. Steph participates in a variety of activities to stay fit and healthy. Steph is most excited about working at the Brighton Baths so she can do a workout before or after her shifts. The Brighton Baths are different to any other job that Steph has had, but she is excited to be in such a supportive and unique environment.