Group Experience

At the Brighton Baths Health Club, we are passionate about facilitating unique group experiences that cater to a diverse range of needs. Whether you are looking for a family friendly environment to host a kids birthday party, a day focused on discovering a stronger sense of wellbeing or a team building experience where shared goals, connectedness and growth are prioritised, we are here to help create your perfect group experience.


* Groups of 9 or over need to be booked prior to attending, please contact us at (03) 9592 7350 to arrange

Wellbeing Experience

Wellbeing Experience

Wellbeing is one of the three major values of the Brighton Baths Health Club, and underpins the design, thought and intent of the entire facility. Our role is to nurture people’s lifestyle by helping them look after and discover a sense of wellbeing – which ultimately improves their mental and physical fitness. 

Our Wellbeing Experiences cater for groups, individuals and pairs as we guide you through a personalised journey of each branch of the facility; and aims to relax, energise, ground and create a lasting impact on experiencing the benefits of prioritising self-care.

These experiences can include a combination of;

  • Private classes (Meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Beach Fit, Circuit Class, Functional Fitness, Swimming or Stretch)
  • Beach chairs and umbrellas for private use
  • Hot & Cold therapy with access to a therapeutic steam room
  • Stand up Paddle Board or Kayak adventure



Team Building Experience

Group Experience

The Brighton Baths Health Club values go well beyond fitness, it’s a way of living that embraces lifestyle, wellbeing, and has community and connection at its core. We believe that these values should be incorporated not just in personal life, but in team environments as well. We all know success within a team comes down to more than just each individual, it’s about having a shared goal, feeling connected, and each team member being recognised and loved for who they are. Our Team Building Experience, tailored uniquely to suit your community or corporate group, aims to cultivate resilience, mindset, connection and growth amongst a group. Enjoying every branch of our iconic facility, these personalised experiences will leave your team feeling grounded, empowered and connected. These experiences can include a combination of;

  • Private group class (Meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Beach Fit, Circuit Class, Functional Fitness, Swimming or Stretch)
  • Cold water experience
  • Access to our therapeutic steam room
  • Water-based exercise
  • Guest speakers
  • Team-focused workshops
  • Access to the Middle Brighton Baths function rooms

Kids Parties

Brighton Baths Health Club

At Brighton Baths Health Club we pride ourselves on providing a facility that embraces both lifestyle and wellbeing. Kids parties at the club facilitate a family-friendly environment where groups can come together to celebrate in an open and fun environment. Packages include:

  • Personal lifeguards
  • Beach games
  • Reserved beach umbrellas & chairs
  • Stand up paddle board and/or kayak hire
  • Food packages catered by The Middle Brighton Baths Restaurant

Parties are welcome to play music on the beach and bring their own beach activities, whilst having fun with friends in an ideal outdoor environment. Contact us for more information!