“Everyone here believes the water has healing powers.

People get in the water and come out different people.” – Larry Rosenzweig

The iconic Brighton Baths

The Iconic Brighton Baths

The iconic Brighton Baths has been home to a diverse and passionate community of swimmers since 1881. Our enclosed, outdoor saltwater swimming facility is open year-round to members and casual visitors. Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or just getting acclimated to the water, the Brighton Baths is a perfect venue for swimming laps, aquatic therapy and recovery, or simply a relaxing dip in the sea.

Casual visitors are welcome year-round during our normal operating hours. A Casual Day Pass includes access to Victoria’s only private beach and boardwalk, iconic sea baths, full-service change rooms inclusive of shower facilities, and the option to rent a towel or locker. Contact us for casual day pass options and pricing.

  • Olympic size sea baths, ideal for timing laps, or completing 300 metre circuits
  • Victoria’s only 50 metre open water lap lane facility
  • Private beach and boardwalk with umbrellas
  • Access to change rooms, showers, and locker and towel hire
  • Retail items available for purchase including sun screen, towels, Iceberger silicone swim caps, neoprene swim caps, goggles, ear and nose plugs, and male and female bathers. We now stock Archies! They are podiatrist recommended arch support thongs perefct for the beach.

About the Icebergers

About The Icebergers

In staying true to our historical roots, we have a diverse and passionate community of dedicated swimmers at the Brighton Baths Health Club. Since our inception in 1881, this has been the home base of the infamous winter swimmers, the Icebergers.

This diverse group of swimmers is always welcoming of newbies – encouraging participation and enjoyment, not competition.

Every Iceberger has a different methodology of how they get into the cold water – some stand under the heaters just before briskly walking down the boardwalk, some plunge into the icy waters before they have time to think about it, and others like to wade in the water while their body acclimatises. No matter the method to their ‘madness,’ the outcome is just the same – pure bliss and liberation.

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Brighton Baths Health Club

A Formula For Life

“It’s a way of life. If you miss it you feel like your whole day has been ruined. It certainly gets you up and running for whatever is in front of you. I believe a healthy body equals a healthy mind – the more you exercise, the more vital you become and a better lifestyle you’ll have. If you look after yourself and do plenty of exercise life becomes a whole lot easier. It’s kept me alive.”

- Keith Forbes, Brighton Baths Iceberger


Brighton Baths Health Club

As a society we are progressively shifting back to a more holistic approach to health and well-being. Intrinsically, we know about the healing benefits of being in nature, and it’s for this reason that more and more swimmers are moving towards open, natural water. Natural water is said to have natural healing properties, and is known for relieving physical, emotional and mental ill-health. The healing properties of natural salt water are even more apparent in winter as the term ‘cold water therapy’ comes into play – usually coupled with our therapeutic aromatherapy steam room.

Each individual has their own reasons for swimming in cold-water, but one thing remains consistent across all stories: A passion for rejuvenation and a deep sense of healing. As the weather heats up, our boardwalk and sea baths become a sanctuary from the heat and crowded public beaches. Some of the benefits our swimmers experience;

  • Easy on the joints
  • Increased blood flow to the brain and around the entire body
  • Reduced stress and eases symptoms associated with anxiety and depression
  • Better sleep and mood regulation
  • Increased lymphatic circulation, draining toxins from the body.
  • Reduces muscle inflammation.
  • Increased mental sharpness and focus
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Changing Lives

Meet Larry Rosenzweig. At the age of 47 Larry was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. His story of healing through cold water therapy is nothing short of a miracle.

In an article published in the Bayside Leader, they described witnessing Larry before and after his ice-cold daily swim as humbling. Before his swim he “hobbles stiffly to the water, dragging one foot and leaning on two walking sticks.

But after his 40-minute swim in the 8C seawater, he is then able to walk briskly around the boardwalk, and the difference is staggering.” Larry says, “Mentally it’s my happy time — I can get out of the water and climb the stairs properly. It reminds me I can still walk, I haven’t forgotten. I just have this unfortunate interruption.”