Imagine starting or ending your day relaxing and detoxing in our water front steam room – inhaling therapeutic scents of eucalyptus and taking in picturesque views of Port Phillip Bay.

Watch the changing weather patterns come & go from our steam view with a view … and as it’s west facing the sun drops directly in front of you to showcase the incredible sunsets!


A place of respite for swimmers, gym-goers and casual visitors alike, the steam room at the Brighton Baths Health Club is one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. Relieve stiff joints and sore muscles, recover from sports training, warm up after a cold swim, or simply switch off your mind. Some of the many benefits of steaming include:

  • Deep skin cleansing
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Respiratory benefits
  • Lymph detoxification
  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Stress level reduction

Ice Bath

A vital part of recovery, cold water therapy and ice baths in particular have increased in popularity in recent years.

Prime your body by adding this to your regime to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle pain, boost your mood and much more.

Our state of the art ice bath – delivers consistent 5 degree water

Hot & Cold Therapy

Hot & cold therapy can be an extremely beneficial. It works by improving the circulation of blood around the body which helps to improve lymphatic & cardiovascular circulation, post workout recovery, muscle relief and so much more.

So how does this happen? When you immerse your body in cold water, your body can go into flight or fight leading to blood rushing to surround your vital organs. Your heart then is forced to pump more efficiently. Then when entering a steam room, the process of dilation and constriction of small blood vessels or capillaries begins. Blood can then flow more easily and transport oxygen and nutrients around the body, whilst simultaneously removing waste and toxins.

Steam Room versus Sauna

Steam Room Versus Sauna

Steam Room versus Sauna – A steam room emits moist heat making them ideal for respiratory and skin conditions, while a Sauna emits dry heat. Both increase circulation to the surface of the skin, making you sweat and in turn improving cardiovascular health. However, some benefits remain unique to a steam room, including the clearing of throat, sinus and lung congestion, relief of dry nasal passages as well as discomfort associated with sinusitis, and reprieve from dry skin.