Health Club

“The ocean front views are intoxicating and I love that I can connect with nature before, during and after my work. There is no better motivation.”

We believe exercise, just like us, comes in different forms. And here at Brighton Baths Health Club there is something for everyone.

It’s not always about having a ‘work-out’ but an opportunity to revitalise and hit a reset button. Mindfully moving the body can build strength & energy whilst reducing stress and enhancing mood.

As a sensible, long-term approach to wellbeing, exercise and movement could include a ‘work in’ by focusing on carving out time for your internal health whilst honing cardiovascular improvements, stamina & flexibility. A well-rounded balanced approach of resilience and harmony is key.

Indoor Health Club

Situated right on the water’s edge, take in views of Port Phillip Bay and breathe in the fresh ocean air while working out in our indoor gym.

  • State of the art Life Fitness cardiovascular equipment including: 4 treadmills, 2 spin bikes, 3 elliptical cross-trainers, ski-erg, stair climber and a concept indoor rower.
  • Variety of pin loaded resistance machines including: dual pulley machine, leg press and curl machine, lat pull down/seated row and smith machine
  • Dumbbells ranging from 1kg – 27.5kg and barbells with plates.
  • Designated flexibility and core strengthening area including: swiss balls, medicine balls, foam rollers, exercise mats, resistance bands, balance boards, TRX suspension strap, steps, an adjustable sit-up bench and additional accessories.
Outdoor GYM


We have completely revamped our outdoor space with new equipment that spans 4 separate areas

  • 2 Olympic squat racks
  • 2 Cable machines
  • Slam balls ranging from 6kg to 15kg
  • Trap bar
  • Kettle bells ranging from 8kg to 24kg
  • Dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 40kg
  • 2 Olympic bar bells, 1 Hex bar and bumper plates
  • 2 Chin up bars
  • 2 Spin bikes, Outdoor rower, Assault bike & Ski Ergo
  • Weighted push Sled
  • Free standing boxing bag
  • Hanging boxing bag
  • Battle ropes
  • Truck tyres
Outdoor GYM View