Cassie De Nardis

Duty Manager

Cassie is currently finishing her Global studies degree at Monash University after spending 6 months studying abroad. Cassie is passionate about health in all its forms, believing strongly in the power of quality mental, physical and emotional health. Cass has also lived a very active lifestyle, and is known to participate triathlon and half marathon races.

Cassie graduated from Kilvington Grammar in 2015 and had the privilege of being school captain in her final year of school. It was during these final years of school that she found her passion for public speaking, as well as working with youth and young people. Currently, she uses her spare time to facilitate mental health workshops in high schools. With this, Cass hopes to one day work in the social policy sector for youth mental health and wellbeing programs and potentially run her own social enterprise.

Aside from running and mentoring, Cass enjoy travelling, cooking, adventuring, and having a good laugh with her friends.