Rachael Campbell

Director & General Manager

After several years of successfully running her own Life Coaching business, Rachael enthusiastically joined the team at the Brighton Baths as General Manager. Rachael loves celebrating the uniqueness of our beautiful facility – “being right on water’s edge is something so different to anywhere else in Australia.”

Her ability to lead from a place of emotional awareness, intuition and empowerment lends itself perfectly to the ethos of the Brighton Baths. “For me, it’s about creating a space where people feel like they are home away from home, they feel safe, comfortable to come and release and retreat. The community and staff are everything!”

As a certified Raw Food Chef, Rachael is also passionate about body and self-care. “Healthy eating gives energy and lightness. It brings vibrancy and aliveness. Being active, clears the mind and energises the spirit! It changes your state of mind instantly and helps us feel more upbeat.”